Monthly Inspection Service

Monthly inspection service for the Following.

  • For oiling and greasing car guide rails and lubricators.
  • For oiling and greasing counterweight guide rails and lubricators.
  • For oiling and greasing other mechanical units if applicable.
  • For cleaning traction gear.
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  • For cleaning motor.
  • For cleaning brakes.
  • For cleaning ropes if necessary.
  • For cleaning door operated with retracting cam.
  • For cleaning pulleys.
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  • For checking hall buttons and indicator function.

Quaterly Inspection Service

Quarterly Inspection service for the Following..

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  • For cleaning guide rails and beams of elevators.
  • For cleaning door hangers and rails of it.
  • For inspecting door guide shoes.
  • For cleaning interior of door switches and limit switches wherever applicable.
  • For checking traveling cable.
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  • For cleaning the safety gear.

Half-Yearly Inspection Service

Half-Yearly inspection service for the Following..

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  • For cleaning controller interior by means of vacuum cleaner or blower.
  • For cleaning electrical motor interior by means of blower or vacuum cleaner.
  • For checking traction ropes for damages, wear tear or any elongation.
  • For checking the oil buffers.
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  • To check hall push buttons and indicator functions.
  • To check the operation of the safety gear.
  • To check the compensation chains and ropes.
  • To check bearings of door motor.
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  • To check final limit switche

Annually Inspection Service

Annually inspection service 

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  • For checking and tightening of all the connector screws in controller.
  • For checking, cleaning and tightening all connection boxes in the hoist way.
  • For testing all safety devices.
  • For checking and tightening of foundation bolts of traction machine.
  • For checking and tightening screws of car frame and counter-weight.
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